Lassche Advocaten aims at obtaining optimal results for its clients by means of a professional and dedicated approach.

Due to the many years’ experience of the lawyers of Lassche Advocaten you may rest assured that your business is dealt with promptly and expertly.

This goes for extra-judicial tackling of your business but also if your case has to be taken to court. Every case receives the attention it deserves.


Lassche Advocaten specializes in legal services to international business. We know the kind of problems that businessmen face and have geared our service to that.

The package of services of Lassche Advocaten comprises the following:

A legal procedure and advice service
Debt collection service

Procedures and Advice

The legal procedure and advice service of Lassche Advocaten deals with legal questions at an hourly rate. We always try to solve your problem out of court by means of expert legal advice and negotiation with your opposite party. Should an efficient approach be required, Lassche Advocaten will take take legal action on your behalf. Lassche Advocaten have wide experience in legal proceedings and are experts in presenting and argueing your case before the court

Debt collection

The debt collection of Lassche Advocaten is staffed by experienced debt collectors who know the ropes. Debt collection is defined as extra-judicial claiming of debts due which are not contested. The debt collectors of Lassche Advocaten collect your claims in a prompt and efficient manner. The debt collection service is headed by a lawyer who is a member of the “Vereniging van Incasso-Advocaten” this membership guarantees expert and reliable collection of your claim.

For debt collection the saying “no cure, no pay” holds. If the debt collection service is unsuccessful in collecting your claim you pay no commision.

If our debt collection service fails to collect your claim, as a legal firm we can immediately summon your debtor to appear in court. In this way you need not lose valuable time.

As costs and risks are connected a legal procedure we only file a lawsuit after you have given us permission and instructions to do so.


Lassche Advocaten is a member of LexNet. LexNet is a worldwide international cooperative of lawyers.

Lassche Advocaten can therefore also provide expert support in international trade conflicts.

Lassche Award

In 1998 Lassche Advocaten instituted the Lassche Award. This prize is periodically awarded to persons or institutions who have made deserving efforts in the area of comparative international law.

The Lassche Award was instituted in 1998 by the former Prime Minister of the Netherlands Professor Mr. A.A.M. van Agt.

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Clients about Lassche Advocaten

Reviews were written by real clients after taking a service from Lassche Advocaten.


“Outstanding service in helping to quickly and cost effectively resolve a long distance dispute. Quick response to my inquiry and professional communications.”

Robert Thompson

“A very high degree of engagement and excellent and professional advice was provided by Lassche. The most important goal of retrieving the money was achieved. If I ever have to require lawsuit advice Lassche will be my partner of choice.”

Karen Clarke

“Excellent service in assisting with employment law issues. The service received was fast and professional.”

David Robinson
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