Service Procedures and Advice

Unless otherwise agreed, the legal services of the lawyers of Lassche Advocaten are charged for on basis of on the time spent multiplied by the hourly fee and a factor that applies to the brief.

In determining the factor the experience and expertise of the attorney handling the brief, the financial importance of the case and the urgency is taken into consideration.

The following factors are used.
Importance of the case
Up to € 70000 factor 1
€70000 to € 140000 factor 1.5
€140000 to € 340000 factor 2
more than € 340000 factor 2.5

Special factors
Special expertise factor 1.5
Urgency factor 1.5

Fees are increased by 6% administrative costs and any costs incurred (for third parties).

Debt Collection services

As a matter of principle the debt collection service of Lassche Advocaten operates on the basis of “no cure no pay”.

If our debt collectors are unsuccessful in the extrajudicial collection of your claim you need not pay commission.

Of the sum that is collected the debt collection service receives 15% (excluding VAT) commission. Of course the debt collecting agency also attempts to claim the commission from your debtor. However if that is unsuccessful the commission is charged to you. Third party costs we owe, for instance local legal dues and the trade register dues in order to trace your debtor&s address are passed on to you. This applies if we are successful in collecting your claim and also if we are unfortunately unsuccessful.

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Clients about Lassche Advocaten

Reviews were written by real clients after taking a service from Lassche Advocaten.


“Outstanding service in helping to quickly and cost effectively resolve a long distance dispute. Quick response to my inquiry and professional communications.”

Robert Thompson

“A very high degree of engagement and excellent and professional advice was provided by Lassche. The most important goal of retrieving the money was achieved. If I ever have to require lawsuit advice Lassche will be my partner of choice.”

Karen Clarke

“Excellent service in assisting with employment law issues. The service received was fast and professional.”

David Robinson
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